People Always Ask Me:

what's the market doing?

So far this year in Otsego County, we have seen fewer transactions and sales volume is down. This is a result of low inventory, as well as inflation and higher interest rates. Prices have settled since the peak last year, but given lack of properties for sale – prices are still holding strong.


There are still many cash buyers – or buyers who are leveraging their equity – and plenty of folks hoping to relocate here from downstate.

For borrowers – ask your lender about options to buy down the interest rate, or try to use more cash in the deal to help lower your rate.

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Average Days on Market for all properties is longer.

Buyers are being more patient and selective – challenging sellers to price their properties to the market taking into perspective the quality of the home. In the past it was easier for buyers to make changes/updates to homes, but the local general contractors and sub-contractors have a backlog of projects which affects timeframes and higher project costs (which I believe is partially responsible for keeping home prices where they are).


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